CST is the regular presentation and promotion of Warsaw artists associated with the dance – professional and already recognizable creators and dancers as well as choreographers starting a career, enriched with a component of education (dance workshops, exhibitions, film screenings), as well as the social component/audience development (activities aimed at the audience, increasing knowledge about dance, promoting regular participation in artistic events and dialogue with the audience about their preferences and needs – discussions after performances, workshops, films).


In the period from September to December 2017 the program called Dance Art Centre will provide 14 dance evenings  After each event the meeting with the audience will be held. 

CST invites persons interested in volunteering to cooperate in the creation of an unique event. We are looking for willing people for audience and artists maintenance tasks during the evenings as well as workshops.


All interested please contact: Agata Życzkowska – agata@fundacjarozwojuteatru.pl

fill in your personal information and send the recruitment form.