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CST Conference 2019

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REGISTRATION until 8.09.2019: konferencja@centrumsztukitanca.eu



The conference held as part of the celebrations of the third anniversary of the Dance Art Center in Warsaw.

A three-day national scientific conference “Dane in Warsaw. The Art of Dance and Choreography in the 20th and 21st Centuries” is an opportunity for dance researchers, critics, producers and artists to meet and discuss the developments in the fields of dance and choreography in Warsaw since the beginning of the 20th century until the present. The conference consisted of three Sections: Scientific, Practical and Artistic.

The scientific part of the conference was divided into two separate areas, namely the social section (19 September) and scientific section (20–21 September). The social section consisted of presentations of four topics related to the current situations of the dance community in Warsaw. The talks will discuss the opportunities of collaboration between contemporary artists with foreign artists and ensembles and the process of building a dance audience. There will also be a discussion based on a comparative analysis of financing models of dance in Warsaw and other centres. Finally, the existing operations of the Dance Art Center will be discussed at the conference along with a presentation on the objectives leading to its establishment and a discussion of the opportunities for further operation.

The two-day part of the conference presenting papers of a scientific nature was divided into four sections dedicated to diverse topics on the history of dance and its cultural and social aspects. Marta Seredyńska, the curator of this year’s scientific part of the conference focused on the multi-dimensional reflection on the art of dance and choreography in Warsaw, which is why the different speakers will discuss different approaches to selected topics. The broad perspective adopted permitted the organisers to design a programme showcasing both the inter-war landscape of the Warsaw dance milieu and the accomplishments of different artists working in the second half of the 20th century and at present, as well as to juxtapose artistic activities with social or amateur ventures.

During the first day of the conference we will be presenting scientific papers, we will focus on the presentation of dance artists who began their professional career in the last decade of the 20th century or at the turn of the centuries and still work today. We will analyse and discuss the inspirations of contemporary artists and the community-building aspect of dance-related activities held in Warsaw.

The next day of the conference will be devoted to a historic reflection so the presentations will concern primarily artists working in the dance milieu in the first half of the 20th century and in the decades following the end of World War II. A cross-sectional approach to the topics discussed and a presentation of the individual artists will let us gain greater insight into the art of dance in Warsaw as seen from a historical perspective. Conference proceedings (to be published in December 2019) will feature articles written based on the conference papers and minutes from the panel discussions.

The programme of the practical part of the conference consists of workshops entitled “MALE DANCING” run by dancers working in three different body work techniques. Release Class is grounded on a strong conviction that dance is both pleasant, physical and intelligent. Emphasis is placed on the sensual and touch patterns and an insight into the individual capabilities and preferences of the workshop participants. Clever Method is a workshop method attempting at inspiring to act based on imagination and the inner potential. It opens the doors to locked rooms, releases colours, flavours and sounds that we have forgotten even exist within ourselves. Dynamic Flow is a workshop based on contemporary dance the essence of which are stamina, the exploration of one’s own body and dynamics of movement. The workshop offering is supplemented with site specific workshops aimed at emphasising the community-building nature of the year 2019. Paulina Święcańska is the curator of the workshop programme.

The scientific and practical parts of the conference will also be accompanied with performances made mostly by Warsaw-based female artists. In adherence to the idea that “CHOREOGRAPHY IS A WOMAN”, we will be presenting various works selected for the Programme of Performances, Co-Productions and Premieres of the Dance Art Center 2019 by a commission composed of: Magda Chabros, Joanna Chitruszko, Julia Hoczyk, Hanna Raszewska-Kursa, Agata Życzkowska. The representation of women in the dance milieu is very strong and distinct, which is why the line-up of the artistic part of the conference is aimed at showcasing different viewpoints on social issues as seen from a female perspective. The performances selected for the conference include work by both young artists who are just graduating from art universities and mature women, experienced choreographers and dancers who have created many works presented and awarded at festivals in Poland and abroad. The artistic part of the conference is curated by Agata Życzkowska.

The conference is held as part of the programme for the development of reflection on dance at the Dance Art Center in Warsaw. The conference entitled “Dance in Warsaw. Society, Education, Culture” was held in 2018 and a publication under the same title was also published that year. This year’s conference is a continuation and extension of the idea of conducting an analysis and presentation of the Warsaw dance milieu. You are invited to join us and learn more about the art of dance and choreography in Warsaw and to pose and find answers to questions about the future of dance in the Polish capital.


Marta Seredyńska

Graduate of the Theatre Studies Department and the Department of Interactive Media and Performances at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and the Social Policy Department at Warsaw University. Currently, a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. Founder and President of the Rezonanse Kultury Foundation. She collaborated as coordinator and organiser with the Malta Festival Poznań, Polski Theatre in Poznań, the Scena Współczesna Foundation in Warsaw, the Nowa Siła Kuratorska Festival in Poznań, the Warsaw Bauhaus Foundation. She has been writing and publishing articles on dance and theatre since 2012. She collaborated as writer with Didaskalia, the taniecPOLSKA.pl portal, the Teatralia online magazine and more. She is a collaborator of the Taniec quarterly and a blogger.