Monday July 1st, 2019 / News, Conference 2019, Program 2019

„BLACK SQR” / DAWID ŻAKOWSKI / sztuka nowa

work in progress

21.09.2019  / FRIDAY / 7 p.m.

Where: Dance Art Center in Warsaw / The Mazovia Institute of Culture / 12 Elektoralna Street

Free admission

A black square is perfectly silent. It represents quintessence of the radical artistic gesture. 5 performers will orient their bodies according to it in successive movement sequences. The movement begins in point zero. But where does it appear? During the techno party ? Meditation ? Orgasm ? Holy mass ? Every one of us has this moment, in which nothing else is needed. When we do feel good. Coinciding moment before and after. The black square is a fact. It is hilarious, it is an excuse, it is important, it has no meaning, it is a badly preserved painting, without movement, it is the beginning of our work. Simple and unquestionable. It changes its identity depending on the context of actions occuring both around and in it. The black square is an abstractive space of art, a door leading to the dimension of creative experiments on a body and exploration of its actions. This conceptualization evokes associations with the piece „Black square on a white background” – an avant-garde painting created in 1915. Its author, Kazimierz Malewicz reportedly described it as a contemporary icon. In the square performers seek anything which they might feel close to. Not only a space of reminiscences and memory opens but also of knowledge gained throughout their life. Key actions start and end abruptly. They are ideal reflection of reality or an abstract dance with no deeper meaning. The black square itself is silent, but elicits songs in the bodies of the 5 performers.