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Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 / News, Workshops

Around dance, choreography and performance – Different approaches to contemporary dance

A lecture and workshop series


Dance Art Center in Warsaw in collaboration with curator Julia Hoczyk and the Institute of Music and Dance invites to a series of lectures and workshops presenting different perspectives of contemporary dance and choreographic practices. The objective of the series is to present to audiences with the different movements and to provide them with basic knowledge useful for the analysis and description of contemporary trends and developments in these areas. During the classes, the participants will learn about topics such as the historic Tanztheater and the contemporary dance theatre, light direction, dance cinema and new technologies, dance dramaturgy and the political and social aspects of choreography (the body as a tool of resistance), the issues of perception and mindfulness in contemporary dance (including improvisation and somatic techniques) and the links between contemporary dance and new choreography with the visual arts.


The syllabus will be partly inspired by the programme of performances of the Dance Art Center in 2019, as well as performances presented in the previous years, since the workshops will be held at the end of the three-year-long cycle of the activities of the Dance Art Center in Warsaw. The practical classes are aimed at facilitating participants interested in dance critique to write articles about artistic and educational events held at the Dance Art Center until December 2019. The workshop participants will be working on their writing under Julia Hoczyk, the programme director and editor of the taniecPOLSKA.pl portal run by the Institute of Music and Dance. The articles will be published on the website of the Dance Art Center in Warsaw and the participants interested in writing about dance will be offered the opportunity of collaboration with the taniecPOLSKA.pl portal.


The classes are addressed primarily to students of humanities and art departments and to people working professionally in the field of dance as well as to everyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge about dance and contemporary choreography.


Idea: Julia Hoczyk

The workshops are leading in Polish

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