CST / 20/09/2019 / PREMIERE „ciało, na głos” / ALICJA CZYCZEL / CST CONFERENCE

Monday July 1st, 2019 / News, Conference 2019, KOPRODUKCJE CST, Program 2019

„ciało, na głos” / ALICJA CZYCZEL


20.09.2019 / 7 p.m.

Where: Dance Art Center in Warsaw / The Mazovia Institute of Culture / 12 Elektoralna Street

Tickets: 20 zl


Body, out loud

In this choreography, imagination takes the dimension of sound. The dancer’s body negotiates with the language with which she shares the space. Speech moves, moves around and draws the attention of the audiences to the many relationships between sound and dance and movement. The spoken word has performative causative power on par with dance. The methodology and sensitivity that the triggered the work on the performance value hearing, the perception of energy and the movement of attention over the sense of vision. Is it possible to create a choreography of the imagines, invisible and palpable body?


Choreographer, dancer and expert in culture studies sharing her time between France and Poland. Graduate of the MA exerce studies in choreography at the National Choreography Centre ICI-CCN in Montpellier, Film Studies at the Jagiellonian University, the Interdepartmental Studies in Humanities and Social Studies at the University of Warsaw and Paris-Sorbonne. Winner of the Jerzy Got Award for her paper on the history of Polish theatre in a competition held by the Theatre Institute in Warsaw. Graduate of the year-long course in experimental choreography at the Centre for Movement in Warsaw. Recipient of a scholarship of Młoda Polska, Alternative Dance Academy at the Art Stations Foundation and danceWEB.

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