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20.09.2019 / 7 p.m.

Where: Dance Art Center / The Mazovia Institute of Culture / 12 Elektoralna Street

Tickets: 20 zl



The idea behind the Graduates show was born out of an impulse of a clash with the reality of Warsaw that young artists are faced with when they flock to the capital soon after getting their MA diploma in Arts. It is an attempt to laugh through tears, also metaphorically. Irrespective of the professional path pursued, every graduate struggles at finding paid work, which sooner or later makes him or her become a party to an Employee-Employer relationship. This relationship, governed by principles and rules universal to all professions, becomes the theme of the dance show for two. The characters in the show are the Employee and Employer. The authors ask themselves and the audience the question of whether we are stuck in such a relationship. If so, how do we behave? How does it change us? Is it always necessary to give in? The duo is the first step towards creating a full performance encompassing thought, movement, words and quality. A performance that laughs but also one that gives hope to people at this stage in their professional lives, even those working in non-artistic areas.



Born on 22 September 1994 in Szczecin. Graduate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Adacemy of Theatre Arts, the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. Recipient of a scholarship from the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and Arts in Tel Aviv. Author of the On ice this thin choreography which qualified to the finals of the International Competition 3,2,1…Dance in Kraków and which won the Polish preliminaries for the SoloDuo competition in Budapest. She studied under such renowned instructors as Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska, Jacek Łumiński, Janusz Skubaczkowski, Eryk Makohon, Natalia Iwaniec, Igor Podsiadły, Patricia van Deutekom, and Thierry Verger. Fascinated with the potential of the bodily message, in her work she searches for emotions resulting from involvement in movement. She believes that “you will not brew tea in lukewarm water” and this principle guides her in her work, art and life.



Born in Warsaw, she has been fascinated with the musical genre since the age of 13. She trained at the Workshop Musical Academy and next took part in a two-year summer programme for dancers, the Horn Dance Project, where she took up an interest in contemporary dance. Participant of numerous contemporary dance workshops e.g. (“Na bosaka” Polish Contemporary Dance Workshop) and contact improvisation classes (F.R.U. in Łódź). Graduate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Adacemy of Theatre Arts, the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. Collaborated with musical theatres in Gdynia, Wrocław, Och-Teatr in Warsaw and the Warsaw Chamber Opera.



Born in Tarnowskie Góry, Actor – Dancer – Vocalist. Graduate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Adacemy of Theatre Arts, the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom and the State Post-Secondary Vocal and Ballet School in Gliwice. He has been singing ever since he can remember. Trained his voice and vocal awareness under Małogrzata Zachnik, and later he began working with the most demanding teacher of all – himself. His theatrical path commenced at the ZL Theatre in Tarnowskie Góry. He is interested in interdisciplinary projects where he can combine all his passions. A mini-multi-instrumentalist, he composes music, writes songs, created video projections, designs visuals, arranges, juggles, walks on tilts, sews, thinks and is interested in DIY.

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