Thursday August 15th, 2019 / News, Animations, Program 2019


03.10.2019 / 7 PM

Where: Dance Art Centre in Warsaw / The Mazovia Institute of Culture / 12 Elektoralna Street





The performance entitled Pierogis with Cherries is a directing and choreographic debut of a newly established artistic group AFAR. Both the group and the performance were born out of a profound, untamed need to share with the outside world what drives its participants. Not without significance was also the hunger for artistic activities and the joy we get from being around one another. Our aim is to tell what our path looked like, what we are fascinated with, what shaped us and keeps shaping us. We share our traumas and joys. We keep asking questions that touch upon the most significant issues. We do not want to provide straightforward answers although we are considering certain positive theses stemming from our experience and our philosophy of life. We are almost absolutely certain that the most important things in life are love, friendship and dance and this is what guides our work, not only on this particular performance. Every one of us has opened up their soul in the collaborative project and with joint efforts we have made a large helping of pierogis for everyone that conceal under a layer of fluffy cream, in the midst of a delicate dough the cordial purple hue of the cherry filling. We encourage others to closely and attentively observe the small things we tend to ignore on a daily basis and to listen to what the world has to tell us. Let’s pay attention to the mechanical, daily routine robbing us of energy and time that keeps on running relentlessly. Let’s try to overcome the frontiers of solitude as perhaps we might just succeed in being close to someone, to permeate into his or her soul. We cannot guarantee that our meal will be really tasty, but we will not know whether it is unless we try it.



We are a group of friends united around artistic stage activities. A trio working on the stage as per the 2+2=trio formula. The performers appearing on the stage are Gosia, Magda and Krzysztof, but AFAR means FOUR in a certain exotic language. The source where all the consequences of the functioning of the group begin is experience that does away with routine, a fresh outlook for which there is always time, the conviction that we have something important to share and hope that we can do it! Our stage language is movement and we are fighting hard for the limitations of our bodies not to corrupt the clarity and quality of our message. We are not ashamed of our age and we believe that despite our age we are not subject to any limitations. Paradoxes can produce new solutions. We believe that the paradox consisting in the fact that we have quite a lot of life experience and very little stage experience translates into the chance that our message is worth receiving since it is genuine, not corrupted by mannerism and it does not have to make any point. We are working hard on the message being original and of very high quality. We met in 2016, and put our bodies and our universes to the challenge. We are amateurs as we love what we do and we do not have to fear our work becoming boring or repetitive as true love is eternal. We will be working together for as long as we have something to say, for as long as we enjoy it and for as long as “this special something” keeps driving our hearts.